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I'm back!

Hey Everyone!

I am back and man it feels good! It has been a really crazy couple of months. After a few months of procrastination I finally decided to get back on my blog and continue keeping t updated. Let's see how long that lasts. - - - -

Starting out today I want to show you my "Monster Mash Halloween Party" which won 3rd place in the halloween creating contest competition for

From spooky lighting to tasty treats this party was to DIE for! Below I have compiled a list of artisan pieces that were included in this room. Any other items were either made by me or purchased from and are produced in bulk not by artisan makers.

The whole in inspiration for this room came from the little spoon set that you can see peaking through the background in a few of my photos. The spoons pushed me to create and assemble a halloween party hosted in the kitchen of one of my homes. I used alot of different materials. I even bought a 3d pen to make the spiderwebs and the spooky tree in the background. The balloons are actually the fingers from latex gloves, blown up and painted black. I am so glad that this amazing setting won third place and now its time to get to work on a much bigger prize. The creating competition house for 2018! Next post coming soon!

Artisan List

- Chocolate Skulls

- Mummy Cupcakes

- Jack Skellington Tart

- Ghost Cake

- Coffin Macarons

- Candy Corn Bowl

- Cookie Tray

- Kitchen Towel

- Bubbly Punch

-Stacked Pumpkins by Door

- Monster Spoons

- Cauldron with Scrolls

- - - -

I hope you enjoyed reading my short post! Check back soon for more photos and updates! Till Next Time!

- - - -

Keep it Crafty,


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