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The Neoteric Desert Dwelling

Hey everyone!

Again I would like to welcome you to The Crafty Millennial Blog. I'd like to start by mentioning that there are a few other blog posts about this site and this house that may be important to read before you read this one. I hope you enjoy this post and here we go!

So, here we are heading into 3 years of building this dollhouse. I received "The Malibu" house as a Christmas gift in December of 2015. I officially started on it in January of 2016. When the new year hit this year it occurred to me that it is time to work on and finish this house in 2018.

Fast foreward to today, it is the end of August and I do not think this house will be completed before 2019. While I do have some updates to share with you it looks like the end is still quite far off.

Let's start with the Kitchen. While the kitchen has been on and off finished and unfinished I am finally to a place where I feel ok sharing it and being proud of how far its come.

When I started working on this kitchen it was a mess. Everything I did just felt like another roadblock. From lighting that went in and out of working, to wonky tile that I hated so much I tore everything out. This kitchen has been to hell and back. While the journey has been long and frustrating it has been worth it. So here is what came all the blood, sweat and tears that went into finishing this room. Or at least getting it to the point it is at now.

Wow! That is a big difference. Now lets be honest, this kitchen has of course been a love/hate relationship for me. Having numerous lighting issues and changes to the ceiling and wallpaper is no cup of tea. However, now it looks like we are in the home stretch. There are some minor cosmetic changes to make and some small accessories to add before this room can be checked off. The Trim on the outer edges of this room will need to be fully painted before I check this off my list.

Above you can see the incredible work by Minifanaberia. When I met Dorota she was making small handheld miniature mixers. Now she is a full fledged appliance Jedi master. All of the appliances in my kitchen minus the sinks and the fan are her work. I have also placed some lovely tiny food items and you can really admire the teal tile created by the fabulous Chris Toledo. Many of you may know him from his amazing casa California house.

Here we have my little italian dinner prep station. This scene is an ode to of many different miniaturists. The pasta by DoubleNminis on Etsy is simply to die for. The food is primarily the work of twin heart miniatures. You can find ms Pat at the Bishop show every year with her incredibly realistic foods (You can cut and serve just about everything in her shop) This particular Italian dinner scene will stay when I finish the house. That being said I do have some plans to have interchangeable cooking prep stations in this area in the future. Halloween, Christmas, and summer themed meals will be assembled and displayed. I look forward to sharing this with you.

Now, this is another lovely shot of the kitchen. You can sorta see Dorota's dishwasher in this shot. This is an older one, you can tell by the chairs. Eventually even the wire chairs I have in the first photo will be replaced with white. I prefer the clean look. I will be adding chair cushions of course to add color because with all white furniture you need to spread pops of color throughout.

Now this shot here is a great zoom in on Dorotas fabulous stove and microwave. You can also see the microwave which has a tiny bag of popped popcorn in it. Details Details Details! I wanted two sinks in this kitchen designed by elf miniatures because in many modern day kitchens you have a sink for dishes and you have a sink for prep. The prep sink in this kitchen is right next to the stove and fridge to allow for easy access.

There are still small things left to work on and finalize in this kitchen. When every piece is in its final place and the windows are inserted I will share many more up close and incredible photos.

- - -

Check in next time for more updates on the house and the process I am going through with finishing it as well as my updates on other projects!

Keep it Crafty,


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