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Desert Dream House Bathroom

Hey everyone!

First off thank you for being patient with the past few days. There have been some really difficult things going on in my life, so thank you for your patience and understanding. I am super excited to share some updates on the Desert Dwelling House! So why don't we dive on in!

- - -

Two years ago, I contacted Elf Miniatures (A well known custom miniature kitchen and bathroom builder) to create a bathroom for the Desert Dwelling. I had been working with Elizabeth (Owner of Elf Miniatures) on and off for the kitchen in this house. After we completed the kitchen I finally went ahead and had her design a full bathroom for one of the upstairs. This bathroom had to serve two purposes. First off, it had to be high class and include every possible luxury available, and secondly it had to incorporate a laundry room into the already odd shaped space. If you know anything about the original kit for this house (The Malibu Dollhouse by DHE Minis) you know that it has incredibly large rooms that do not offer much room for alterations. So as we go through this post today I will start to show you the workings of what this bathroom became.

Here is a photo that will show you the basic layout of the bathroom/ Laundry. No expensive was spared when designing this one of a kind bath. I needed it to make a statement. The room was again very tricky to work with but I am proud of what Elizabeth came up with!

After two years of waiting and paying and waiting and paying I finally received the box. It was heavily taped over and ready to be opened! I cannot tell you how excited I was in this moment.

Packing Peanuts galore and a special note of instructions waited for me beyond the tape. After pulling the packing peanuts out I was finally able to unwrap the goodies within.

Here it is. Two years of planning and PayPal payments had me tearing up quite a bit. Seeing everything I had only imaged in my head sitting right infant of me was breath taking. From the Jacuzzi tube to the utility sink I was in absolute awe and shock of how amazing these things turned out.

The bathroom was designed to allow for a small room against one of the far windows. Inside this room I would be able to include the utility / laundry room I had been trying to find a place for. Elizabeth also designed a pocket door entrance into this room making it both functional and easy to see into the bathroom beyond.

In the background of this photo you can see the custom vanity which was built for the side wall of the utility room. In front of this will sit the full jacuzzi tub and a small tub matt for cold feet. :)

Here is a really great up close shot of the lovely utility cabinet. I love the way this sink turned out and I really really cannot wait till it finds its way into the house. The Toilet was created by Lenham pottery. This is probably one of the last of its kind and I am so glad I spent the extra pennies to purchase it. It has a tiny lid that does lift up, attention to detail is very important to me.

Here you can see a wonderful shot of the built in shower I am planning for the back corner of this bathroom. It hosts an elegant glass door that actually swings open! While there is still so much work to be done I am so incredibly happy with how everything here turned out!

Well this is where I will be stopping . More fun updates coming this weekend. Please make sure to come back to see what is going on in the crafty millennial studio!

- - -

Check in next time for more updates on the house and the process I am going through with finishing it as well as my updates on other projects!

Keep it Crafty,


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