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The Staircase to Entertain By

Hey everyone!

Again welcome to The Crafty Millennial! For those of you who are joining my journey welcome. Yesterday I posted a little bit about the kitchen in The Neoteric Desert Dwelling. If you haven't checked that out you may enjoy seeing one of my already almost finished projects.

Another post another day. Today I thought I would share some progress work that I have personally been designing and working through.

When I purchased this dollhouse kit I was quite under impressed with the standard staircases that were packed in for each floor. While these lovely modern staircases will work well for the upper floors. I felt that the bottom floor which has a very grand open area living room needed something with just a bit more style.

I took some photos of the inside of my dollhouse just where the stairwell is. After uploading them to my iPad I was able to use procreate as well as my Apple Pencil to draw a mock up of my vision. This house was made to party so why not add a wet bar!

I shared this design with several professional miniature furniture makers. And time after time I was told that they didn't think it was possible or something they would consider doing. And so I rolled my sleeves up and decided to do this on my own.

The main frame of the stairs was a solid staircase that I bought off eBay. I measured and measured again and then cut the last 3 or 4 stairs off of the bottom part of the staircase. This gave me the basic shape I needed and allowed me to begin building the landing and the last two steps.

The landing was built from a thin piece of bass wood. I measured and cut this piece three times before I had the landing you see above. After I measured out the wood for the treads of the stairs I was able to paint the base of the structure white.

Looking at it as it is now. I still have quite a few more things to add. I have a wine fridge purchased from again Minifanaberia for this underneath space, but shall be building the cabinets on my own. Before I go any further I am going to attempt to tap into the wiring to add small puck or detail lights for shelving that will eventually sit under the stairs.

Over all this project wasn't too bad. I honestly am glad that I had to create this myself, because it reminded me of how much I can really do. After all I measured and placed all the special woodwork in this house, why not add the staircase too?

Sometimes difficult projects that don't seem possible end up being your favorite part of your house. This staircase is a statement and I cannot wait to finish it.

- - -

Check in next time for more updates on the house and the process I am going through with finishing it as well as my updates on other projects!

Keep it Crafty,


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