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Renaming the "Malibu Dollhouse"

Hey everyone!!

I finally chose a name for my "Malibu House"

I NEVER wanted this house to be a true Malibu beach house.. I have been thinking for a name and story for it since I ordered it in December of 2015. After 2 years I have finally come up with a name and story for my beautiful house. It will no longer be called the “Malibu” it will be called….

(Drum roll please)


The Neoteric Desert Dwelling!

The house will be based in a desert area, probably somewhere near Phoenix Arizona or something like that. It will continue to be designed as “modern” or “contemporary” style house. I will be adding bit and pieces of southwestern flavor, but the house will primarily remain very light and bright to accent against the rich colors of the desert.

I will be changing a few minor things, I am looking for a purple / orange pink wallpaper for the master bedroom, to mimic a sunset. And the children’s rooms will be altered slightly a “hot air balloon” theme.

I am still pretty positive the upstairs will remain a bar / garden, except now the garden area will have cactus plants everywhere!

While I would love to think that I am an expert in all things Arizona and West coast, I am not. If there are any of you out there that live in the area and have some tips or ideas for me I would love to hear them. I would love any suggestions! Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy my idea!

- - -

Check in next time for more updates on the house and the process I am going through with finishing it as well as my updates on other projects!

Keep it Crafty,


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