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The Crafty Millennial

Hello there everyone!

First off I would like to welcome you to my blog The Crafty Millennial! I have been setting this up for what seems like years.

I feel as if an introduction is in order. My name is Kathryn, obviously I am a millennial. My horoscope is virgo and I like short romantic walks to the fridge...and that is only be beginning. I am 22 years young, and living the life of a college student. I am currently dating the love of my life, Devin. Isn't he just so darn cute! We have been dating for almost two years, long distance. And for those of you that don't know what that means, it means we met online and have a perfectly lovely relationship. Yes we have met in real life, no he's not cat-fishing me, nor i him.

Moving on, I am attending The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) eLearning program. This is a full time program it takes up a good chunck of my time, and you will see quite a few things from that on here as well. While I cannot guarantee there will be posts every week I do hope you will think about checking in every now and then.

This blog will be used primarily for posts about miniatures, art and crafts. I can't promise that I will be perfect, but I can promise it will be entertaining.

Keep it Crafty,


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