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What is...

The Crafty Millennial?

My name is Kathryn Elizabeth Barnhart (K.T for short). I created this site as an outlet for my artwork and creative hobbies.  I wanted to be defined by more than just a millennial who does art.  My definition had to included creative arts, miniatures, collecting, and life as a Borderline Personality Disorder Survivor. The Crafty Millennial is my way of defining not only my age but also the crafty quirky personality that makes me, one of a kind.



Keep yourself updated on all of my latest projects and future projects to come. Follow this page weekly to see my creations and crafts.


If you want more information about my current dollhouse projects, head to my dollhouse page. Here I have put together information on all of my larger miniature projects.  


You can also find my portfolio on this site which will give you a look at all my various mediums but primarily focuses on digital design.  

The Story

Make sure to also check out the my story page where you can learn more about where the crafty millennial came from and the goals I have personally.

Check out mY Instagram!

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